Oneday tour【Morioka & Hachimantai 】Snowscape & Historical dowan town,Local sake brewery

~Morioka and Hachimantai, a retro cityscape and a panorama of nature~

Town walking, Snow viewing, Local sake, a trip only to Tohoku Iwate spring

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2023/5/2 THU



(minimum 15persons 


12,000yen per parson

Includes chartered bus fee, meal fee, and tour fee listed in the itinerary (bathing fee not included)

GUIDE Japanese 


Meeting am 8: 50 
am9:00 Departure from Malios 1F entrance

== <Chartered bus> Morioka city sightseeing ==

[Walking about Morioka City with guide] 
Kaminohashi Bridge, Konyacho Banya, Iwate Bank Red Brick Building, etc.

=== Move to Hachimantai city ===

[ Matsuo Hachimantai Visitor Center ](松尾八幡平ビジターセンター)
*Introduction of wildlife and vegetation in the national park

==[ Hachimantai Aspite Line](八幡平アスピーテライン)==

The bus is finally heading to the Snow wall
Enjoy the longest snow wall in Japan, 27km

Ruins of Matsuo Mine etc. (view from car)

[Walking around the summit of Hachimantai](八幡平山頂)
Enjoy the panoramic view of nature

=== Hachimantai Jukai Line(八幡平樹海ライン) ===
A road that passes through the Hachimantai Jukai Line and connects Matsukawa Onsen and Toshichi Onsen
You can also enjoy the snow wall here

[Hachimantai Heights Hotel] (八幡平ハイツ)
Shabu Shabu pork Lunch , Shopping , Onsen (bathing fee not included)

== Mt. Iwate Panorama Line (岩手山パノラマライン)==

[Special Natural Monument Yakehashiri Lava Flow ](国指定特別天然記念物 焼走り熔岩流)
Yakehashiri Lava Flow was made eruption of Mt.Iwate 400 years ago.
Plants can’t grow this place even now.

[Washinoo / Story of the brewery at Jyoui](わしの尾)
Founded in 1829, Washinoo ships 90% of its products to Iwate Prefecture, and brews sake rooted in the region .
Washinoo uses underground water from Mt.Iwate.
We would like to hear from Mr. Tomo Kudo, the owner of the brewery.

Tasting sake selected by the brewery

[Sawaguchi Liquor Store / Local Sake Specialty Store](澤口酒店)
Shopping at Sawaguchi Liquor Store 
Professional liquor shopkeeper, Mr. Sawaguchi, chooses your favorite local sake

===To Morioka===

Morioka Station West Exit about pm5:45

*Itinerary may change due to unavoidable circumstances such as stormy weather. When the Aspite Line and Jukai Line are interrupted due to stormy weather, the route will be the Hachimantai City Matsuo Mine Museum.
*We do not serve alcohol to minors or customers who are driving.

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