Tono Hop Harvest Festival Bus Tour / 遠野啤酒花收穫節巴士之旅


Tono Hop Harvest Festival Bus Tour



Tono Hop Harvest Festival Bus Tour

Join us on a bus tour to the renowned “Hop Village” in Tono City, known for its top-quality domestic hop production. Experience the delight of delicious beer and seasonal local ingredients while celebrating the hop harvest. At the Tono Hop Harvest Festival, indulge in a shared celebration of the region’s bounties through food, drinks, and camaraderie.
After a four-year hiatus, this highly anticipated event is back! This year, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of hop cultivation in Tono, we present an immersive bus tour to enjoy the Harvest Festival fully.

At the venue, enjoy a variety of attractions, including stage performances by artists and live music, exclusive food menus available only during the festival, and much more. Our knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the history of Tono hops and their role in the town’s development through beer production. Discover how knowing about hops can make beer even more delicious and enjoyable! This bus tour is a beer lover’s dream, allowing you to savor beer throughout the day without any worries. We also have up to seven exclusive Harvest Festival bus tour perks prepared for you!

Let’s enjoy the harvest festival!

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・・★・Harvest Festival Bus Tour Perks・★・・
Souvenir Set:
① Reusable Cups (Large and Small sizes, a double gift!)
② One complimentary large-size beer
③ Hop field tour
④ Original sticker
⑤ Reserved seating at the festival venue

Additional gifts from Travel Link:
⑥ Appetizer presentation!
⑦ Souvenir beer

Tono Hop Harvest Festival 2023 official site
Visit the official website and Facebook page for more information about the event and to see photos and videos of hop cultivation.

【Tono, known as the “Village of Beer,” takes pride in its 60-year tradition of hop cultivation and is renowned as one of the top domestic producers of hops.】

【Event Overview】

◎ Departure Dates: 2023/8/19 (Saturday) and 2023/8/20 (Sunday)
◎ Participants: Limited to 25 people per day (minimum of 15 participants required for each tour)
◎ Departure and Arrival: Morioka Station
◎ Tour Guide: Accompanied by a guide
◎Travel cost: 13,000 yen
◎Lunch at your own expense.

Enjoy Two Different Courses♪

【Itinerary】 *The schedule may vary depending on the departure date
[Reference] Hayabusa No.1 Tokyo Departure: 6:32 ⇒ Arrival at Morioka: 8:44
9:10 Depart from Morioka Station West Exit = Private Bus to Tono = Tono Kaze no Oka Roadside Station (Break)
Around 11:00 Arrival in Tono


19th (Saturday) Course – Live Harvest Festival Excursion

Around 12:00 ~
【Tono Hop Harvest Festival 2023】

Celebrate the harvest together while savoring delicious beer and seasonal Tono cuisine in the “Hop Village,” boasting top-quality domestic hops production!

【Visit Tono’s Hop Fields, the Village of Beer】

Guided tour to the vast hop fields that form a magnificent curtain.Learn about hops from a knowledgeable Japanese guide.

【Special Live Performance by San Plaza Nakano-kun & Pappara Kawai←Only on this day!

15:00 ~ Reserved seats for tour participants are provided! Enjoy the live performance from your comfortable seats.


20th (Sunday) Course – Hop Exploration and Enjoyment

【Tono Hop Harvest Festival 2023】

A variety of local foods,made from Tono’s seasonal ingredients, are available!

【Stage Performances】

Enjoy stage performances such as live German folk music, drinking, eating, dancing, and having fun♪

【Visit Kami-sato Hop Drying Center】←Only on this day!
Visit the Kami-sato Hop Drying Center. This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore its interior.

【Visit Tono’s Hop Fields, the Village of Beer】

Guided tour to the vast hop fields that form a magnificent curtain.Learn about hops from a knowledgeable Japanese guide.


16:30 Depart from Tono==
【Shopping & Break at Tono Kaze no Oka Roadside Station】

Around 18:15 Arrival at Morioka Station West Exit – Thank you for joining us!

How to Apply

◎ Reception: Starting from July 13 (Wed) 12:00~
Application deadline: August 10 * The application will be closed once the capacity is reached.

◎ How to Apply
Apply Through the reservation form below.
After confirming your participation, please deposit the application fee or travel cost within 3 days. (Reservation completed)
Confirmation of the tour operation
Payment of the remaining amount and sending the final information by August 16
Reception and departure on the day of the tour!

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*Please read tour term and conditions







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★ 紀念禮品套裝:
① 可重複使用的杯子(大號和小號,雙份贈送!)
② 一杯免費大杯啤酒
③ 啤酒花田參觀
④ 獨家貼紙
⑤ 收穫節會場預訂座位

來自Travel Link的額外贈品:
⑥ 下酒小吃贈送!
⑦ 罐裝啤酒

繁體中文: 訪問遠野啤酒花收穫節官方網站和遠野啤酒花收穫節Facebook頁面,了解更多活動訊息,並通過照片和影片了解啤酒花的種植情況。



◎ 出發日期:2023年8月19日(星期六)和8月20日(星期日)
◎ 參與人數:每天限25人(每個行程最少需15人)
◎ 出發和返回:盛岡車站
◎ 導遊:導遊陪同


[參考] HAYABUSA 1號 東京發6:32⇒盛岡抵達8:44
9:10 盛岡站西口出發 = 私人巴士前往遠野 = 遠野風之丘道路休息站(休息)
11:00 抵達遠野


19日(星期六)行程 – 體驗收穫節





15:00 ~ 為參加旅遊團的所有人預訂座位!您可以坐在指定座位上享受現場演出。


20日(星期日)行程- 欣賞啤酒花









16:30 從遠野出發==


18:15 抵達盛岡站西口 – 感謝您的參加!


◎開放報名:報名開放時間:7月13日(星期三) 12:00~
※報名截止:8月10日 ※滿額即止


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