Nishiwaga Yukino-Chikara Tour 2018 In Nishiwaga/ Snowy Districts fermented foods tour/ Local foods, Detox, Snow light making, Nature experience

Experience life in the snowy region and the abundant natural surroundings for 2 days.

Nishiwaga is a small town located in Iwate prefecture, in between the mountains that line the edge of Iwate and Akita Prefectures. It is one of a few places in Japan that is famous for its abundance of snow, with 2~3m of snow falling in winter.

During the Yukino-Chikara tour that was held in February 2017, a group of ladies from around Tokyo came to Nishiwaga to experience the “Yuki Akari” (Snow lights), an event that is said to have originated in Nishiwaga, as well as the other attractions that Nishiwaga has to offer in winter.

This time, the Yukino-Chikara tour is going to explore and experience the fermented foods culture of this snowy region. The fermentation designer, Mr. Hiraku Ogura will also join this tour to give a better understanding about fermented foods.


The 2018 Yukino-Chikara tour has many exciting activities all to do with fermented foods, such as; making Nishiwaga’s famous Natto Miso Soup; making the legendary “Yuki Natto” (Soy beans fermented within the snow), which even locals often can’t buy; taste-testing various pickled radishes. You can also enjoy the natural surroundings of this snowy region and go snow-shoe walking in the morning using the traditional Japanese bamboo snow-shoes called “Kanjiki”, as well as try your hand at making a “Yuki Akari” snow light.


We look forward to having you join us on this tour!!


*This tour is created with the cooperation of Nishiwaga Town and Japan Design Promotion Association.


For more information about the fermentation designer Mr. Hiraku Ogura, please visit his website


To see pictures from our previous Yukino-Chikara Tour, please visit this link

ユキノチカラツアー2017 Tour report



[Dates] Feb 24th, 2018 (Saturday)~ 1 night, 2days

[Cost] Departing Morioka 19,000JPY (per person, staying in shared rooms of 3~4pax )

*Includes fees for return travel from Morioka, activity costs, meals (breakfast ×1, lunch ×1 and dinner ×1), bathing cost, Japanese tour guide.

[Departure point] Morioka Station West Exit Bus Pool

[Number of People] 20 pax (the tour will run with a minimum of 10 pax)

[Meals] Breakfast × 1, Lunch ×1, Dinner ×1

[Accommodation]             Yugawa Onsen Taiseikan Seihou Hotel or

Yugawa Onsen Yosumiya Ryokan Hotel (Dinner and breakfast at Seihou)

*Accomodation is in Japanese-style rooms with 3~4 people sharing a room. If you want a twin-share room, it is plus 6000JPY per person.


[Bus Company] Riasu Kankou


*Depending on numbers, the order of activities may vary.

*Due to weather and road conditions on the day, some activities may vary.


[Winter region Rental Set] 3000JPY (Snow boots, Water proof gloves)

*please ask about sizes


Please see here for the tour flyer

<<Schedule>> *pictures are images

◎Day 1

12:45 Gather at Morioka stations West Exit

*Reference: Please take the Hayabusa 13 arriving at Morioka at 12:33 if coming from Tokyo or Sendai. (10:20 dep Tokyo, 11:54 dep. Sendai)


<Chartered Bus🚌>

===(Lake Gosho)==Shizukuishi town=== take the Yamabushi tunnel to get to the snow region of Nishiwaga.


Drive past “Kawafune no ie”, a traditional house with a “Kayabuki” thatched roofed. Kayabuki is thatching done using Japanese pampas grass or cogon instead of regular straw.




Waga rivers little-known hot spot, Benten Jima (Shrine located in the middle of the Waga river)

The beauty created by nature.


[Workshop making the legendary “Yuki Natto “(Soy beans fermented within the snow)]

Make “Yuki Natto”, which is created using Nishiwagas unique winter climate.


You will have the chance to make the “warazuto” straw wrapping, then fill it with “natto” (fermented soy beans), and bury it within the snow.


(The finished product will be sent to you via mail at a later date)


Your teacher will be Ms. Kimii Nakamura from “Ajikobo Katakuri”, a company that sells numerous processed goods made using materials from Nishiwaga.

Ms. Kimii will also make a traditional local treat, Tenpura biscuits for you to try.



Check into the Ryokan Hotel.



[Making “Yuki Akari” snow lights and dinner]

Make snow lights that are said to have originated in Nishiwaga.

Enjoy dinner made with local produce from Nishiwaga while socializing with the group.

Please enjoy the hospitality of the “Nishiwaga marugoto kuddemitekero” group (Try all of Nishiwaga group).

Stay at Yukawa Onsen Taiseikan Seihou Hotel or Yukawa Onsen Yosumiya Ryokan Hotel


Please relax and unwind.


The Onsen hotsprings water flows directly from the source, and isn’t heated or cooled separately.


◎Day 2



[“Kanjiki” snow-shoe walk with an experienced guide]

Take a morning walk with, and take photos with the local guide.

Why not take a picture of the abundant, beautiful natural scenery in Nishiwaga.


[Make some traditional local cuisine with the locals, & Lunch time]

Traditional Nishiwaga local cuisine that is made using fermented ingredients.

Let’s make it together, and enjoy it for lunch…


Sample the difference between the picked radishes the local mothers have made.


[Free time]

You can enjoy your free time playing in the snow surrounding Yuuseikan, or chatting with Mr. Hiraku about fermented foods.


[Detox at Suna Yukko’s sand bath]

Relax and heal your fatigue by taking a bath in soft, smooth silica sand taken from the mountains and warmed using the geothermal heat of the hot springs.


[Taste-test various Yuda milk and shopping time]

Taste-test milk from cows that were raised eating grass that was grown with water from the melted snow.

We recommend trying the thick, rich Premium yoghurt.

15:00 Depart Nishiwaga

===Kitakami Expressway ==Tohoku Expressway==

16:45 Arrive Morioka Station West Exit

*You can also request to get off at Kitakami Station.


[Planning Cooperation]

Nishiwaga Town

Japan Design Promotion Association

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[Travel Implementation]

Rias Kankou

Iwate Prefecture Governor Tourism Registration No. 2-98

General Travel Handling Manager, Makoto Okubo

Iwate-ken, Iwate-gun, Shizukuishi-cho, Takamaeda 52-2


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