Acceptance end: Cycling & Onsen (Hot spring) plan in SHIWA,IWATE 2015

 village of local sake and fruit


Let’s Enjoy the 2016 National Sports Festival Venue

[Shiwa Velodrome& official road course]

Bicycle accommodation offer – to enjoy in-sake and fruit of the village

Cycling & Onsen (Hot spring) plan in SHIWAIWATE 2015 




Bicycle race S class Sato Tomokazu player (SHIWA resident)


“Let’s enjoy the bicycle town SHIWA!”



★★★ Recommended point 推薦的要點★★★


 National Sports Festival Venue “Cycling bank course “traveling

 Staying in hot springs ”Kurpark La France”La Flance Onsen-kan Hotel YURARA 

 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also pool OK

 You can try four major traditional breweries SAKE& a SHIWA original wine

地酒 & JIEN JIJO  自園自醸

 SATOYAMA里山(country side) Cycling in SHIWA town and others

Available travel to some Cycling course in niceview

 Little souvenir DAGASHI(traditional sweets of IWATE)!

 OPTIONAL ACTIVITY  for example : pizza making  grape picking fruit / farmers direct market 



[Set Date]  Autumn  : September 1, 2015 (Tuesday) – November 15 (Sun) 

                   Next Spring to Summer (after April 10, 2016- )   

[Travel Fee]     1 night plan adult price per person 14,000 yen(weekday)           

   detailed table ↓↓

price table 2015

[Meal conditions] Dinner (with four glasses of SAKE & a glass of wine), Breakfast

[Meeting place]  (select one of the A or B or C)      

  A)  JR MORIOKA station North Exit JR盛岡駅北改札口前 

  B) JR Shiwachūō Station West Exit JR紫波中央駅西口 (Shiwa Tourism Exchange Association) 

  C JR Hizume Station Exit JR日詰駅(Fast train stop)          

 * No tour operators accompanied

[Meeting time]  (11 :30-14:00) 

[minimum departs personnel] 4 persons

[Accommodation] Kurpark La France (La Flance Onsen-kan Hotel YURARA  ) (1-5 persons per room capacity utilization) 



* Means of transportation will be of your own bicycle, etc.

[Day 1] —————————–

  11:00-14:00 arrive at meeting spot

  1. JR MORIOKA station North Exit
  2. JR Shiwachūō Station West Exit
  3. JR Hizume Station Exit

 Transfer to La France Hot Springs. You can cycling around SHIWA-CHO.

(Check in time: 15:00-)

We‘ll reserve stadium bank course, if you hope. Please show us start & finish time. (12:00-16:00)

National Sports Festival Venue [Shiwa Velodrome] 

– Please enjoy the stadium bank course traveling –





[Kurpark La France (Hot Springs) accommodation] to refresh the fatigue of travel in public baths 拉法温泉館

* Weekends and holidays use of the pool is also available *  


   four major breweries sake 紫波町産地酒四種類 + Jien Jijo wine SHIWA 紫波町産葡萄酒luxury drinking

<Lokal sake line up:”Azumamine”, “ Hirota”,” Tsukinowa”,”Horinoi”> 100ml*4






 [Day 2] —————————-

Kurpark La France (Hot Springs)  breakfast = their departure【 free 】

SHIWA-CHO 自転車☆紫波町☆観光

Bicycle road race course running (about half a day)

 (Drop example of spot: and fruit Park and SHIWA tourism vineyard, wine cellar, direct marketing)




  [SHIWA INARI Shrine]志和稲荷神社/Power spot

1057 foundation. Over the NANBU feudal clan from generation to generation, it has been made to the building of the territory of donated and shrine. In 1834,About 15km of the approach leading from Morioka to the shrine “SHIWA Inari Road”,it was constructed by example imitate NIKKO.


 [TAKEDA Family magariya] 武田家住宅(南部曲家:居宅+馬屋)

NANBU MAGARIYA is famous & traditional style house in IWATE. The main house is connected to the horse barn. 


[Shiwa tourism vineyard] 紫波観光葡萄園

Grow delicious grapes of low pesticide (* This year business has ended)


♪ Shiwa producing homemade pizza experience wine factory tours to make in the food (reservations required)

[Shiwa fruit Park] 紫波水果園

* Pizza Experience: required about two hours reservation required (accepted from 3 people or more, it closed Wednesday)


* Wine factory tour: 9:00 to 17:00 (free tour)

[Local Brewing shopTSUKINOWA & select shop WAKASAYA]

地方醸造 月的輪酒造・行家

You can buy SAKE malt ice cream in TSUKINOWA‘shop ”WAKASAYA “ . (*The brewery is closed in winter season.)  open :only weekend 10:00 to 17:00 (November)





 [Akazawa direct marketing]産地直送店

In “SHIWA Road Station”, it is cheap selling fruit and fresh vegetables.


 [Kodō Nomura” ARAEBISU “Memorial Museum]野村胡堂紀念館

Memorial museum was comprehensive exhibition the beginning enormous work Kodo life of who authored the telling “Zenigata Heiji.” (Closed Monday.The weekday of the most recent when it falls on Monday closed holidays)



other recommended spot

[KOIWAI FARM]小岩井農場・放牧園(雫石町)

Koiwai is a 3000-hectare  ( 7400-acre )  private farm located scenically at the base of Mt. Iwate. Koiwai is most famous for its dairy products and as a popular tourist destination, with about 750,000 visitors every year. 


プレミアム 小


[Gosho lake & Tsunagi Hotspring]御所湖・繋温泉(盛岡市・雫石町)



[Morioka-shi SENJIN Memorial museum]

盛岡市先人紀念館:旅游・新渡戸稲造(以往 台湾製糖局長)展覧室(盛岡市)



 10 台湾製糖局長時代084新渡戸稲造




[SHIWA-JO histrical park]





SHIWA-JO histrical park


 [Road station ISHIDORIYA SAKASHO-kan] 





Tour Map

Cycling & Onsen (Hot spring) plan in SHIWA,IWATE 2015 Tour map


 [Travel planning]旅行企画

SHIWA-CHO sightseeing Interchange Association 


Iwate Prefecture Shiwa-gun Shiwa Shiwa Central Station ,1-2-2



Azumamine brewing shop 吾妻嶺醸造/ Hirota brewing shop 廣田醸造

 Takahashi brewing shop 高橋醸造/ Tsukinowa brewing shop月的輪醸造

Murakami confectionery 村上糖果/ Fruit Park水果園

Kurpark LaFrance ( LaFrance Onsen-kan Hotel Yurara)拉法温泉



[Travel organizer implementation Application inquiry] 旅行執行

Travel Link Corporation 

(One company) National Travel Industry Association full member Iwate governor registration travel industry No. 3-227

501,Aqua Morioka Bill, 1-1, Morioka, Iwate,Japan

Travel application dedicated phone: TEL+81-019-658-8644

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