Iwate Morioka Nanbu ironware “Kamasada” & Masterful Architecture Tour

A collaborative tour with “Kamasada Shapes of Light and Crystals Exhibition” held from September 28th in Morioka, and Tokyo designshop.
 Exclusive access to the normally restricted Kamasada Studio for tour participants
 Guided bus tours and strolls around historic buildings in Morioka city crafted by masters.
Join us for an enriching autumn journey to Morioka.


Trip Dates: All trips are 1 night and 2 days each.
① October 28th (Sat) – 29th (Sun)
② November 2nd (Thu) – 3rd (Fri, Holiday)
③ November 4th (Sat) – 5th (Sun)

Number of Participants: 20 participants for each trip
(Minimum of 8 participants required for each trip)

Travel Fee: ¥36,000 per adult (Includes tour guide from Morioka, accommodation, private bus, 3 meals, and itinerary-related fees)

Accommodation: HOTEL du NORD (Morioka City, Western-style room, 1-2 persons per room)
Meals: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

★Tour Participation Benefit a signed book “Living with Nanbu ironware: The Work of Kamasada” by representative Mr. Nobuho Miya.

Tour flyer


Day 1 (Using a Chartered Bus)
10:40 – Gather at Morioka Station. Our tour guide will be waiting for you.
Prologue: Enjoy a panoramic view of Morioka city from the 20th-floor observation deck at Malios.

◎lunch: the famous Morioka Reimen (cold noodles) at either Pyon Pyon Sha or Daido En.

Travel by chartered bus through the Morioka city gateway, “Kaiun Bridge,” and head to the city center.

◎Visit the Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Morioka Building designed by Kenzo Tange (Exterior tour).

◎the Former Morioka Higher Agricultural and Forestry School, now a designated Important Cultural Property, associated with renowned fairy tale author and poet Kenji Miyazawa.

○IBC Iwate Broadcasting Company Headquarters:
Drive by and see the building’s exterior. (Designed by Junzo Itakura during construction)

~Check-in at HOTEL du NORD~

Stroll through the historic streets of Konyacho
Visiting landmarks like Nakatsu Riverbank, GozaKu(a merchant house), Konyacho watch house.

And the former Morioka Savings Bank (now Morioka Shinkin Head Office), designed by Manji Kasai.
Experience the historical buildings of Morioka on foot, and enjoy the retro cityscape.

◎Tour the Kamasada Nanbu Ironware production process.

*kamasada photo koji sugawara

On this day, as part of the collaborative exhibition, limited-edition items exclusively available for tour participants will be offered.

◎Choose your dinner plan (Beverages not included):

A) Tsukumogusa: Relax and enjoy creative cuisine in a modern setting for a Morioka night.

B) Azumaya: Don’t miss out on the local specialty “Wanko Soba noodle” during your visit to Morioka.

After dinner, return to the hotel for a restful night.
Stay overnight in Morioka City (at HOTEL du NORD).

Day 2
Take a morning walk from around 6:45 to 7:50.
Morioka Castle Site Park Tour:
Guided tour to Sakurayama Shrine and the pedestal of the statue of Nanbu first lieutenant (by Tsutomu Yokoyama).

Breakfast at the hotel.
Check-out around 9:00.

9:00 Embark on a guided walking tour of architectural masterpieces around Morioka City:
View the exterior of the Iwate Medical University Building No.1 (by Manji Kasai).

Iwate Prefectural Public Hall (Registered National Cultural Property, by Koichi Sato).

Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building (Former Morioka Bank Main Branch) (Important Cultural Property, by Kingo Tatsuno and Manji Kasai).

Morioka Takuboku Kenji Museum (Former 90th Bank) (Important Cultural Property, by Tsutomu Yokoyama).

Morioka History and Culture Museum (Former Iwate Prefectural Library) (by Kiyonori Kikutake).

Tour concludes around 13:00 (near HOTEL du NORD).

After the tour, feel free to explore Morioka City or enjoy shopping.

“Highlight 1: Open Tour of Kamasada Studio
In conjunction with the ‘Kamasada Nanbu Ironware: Shapes of Light and Crystals Exhibition’ held from September 28th in Tokyo designshop, Iwate Morioka Kamasada, an exclusive tour of the normally off-limits Nanbu ironware production atelier within the Kamasada Studio will be available. During this tour, guided by Mr. Nobuho Miya, representative of Kamasada, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the intricate process of crafting Nanbu ironware, explanations about the tools used, and as a special bonus, they will receive a book signed by Mr. Miya. Additionally, on the day of the tour, a specially curated limited-edition item, exclusively available for tour participants, will be offered as part of the collaborative exhibition plan.”
Highlight 2: Guided Tour of Rare Masterful Architecture in Morioka City

Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture was introduced second on the New York Times’ list of “52 Places to Go This Year,” following London. Explore the cityscape of Morioka’s Konyacho, where Kamasada is located, blending Western and Eastern architectural beauty. You’ll also get to see famous architects like Kingo Tatsuno, renowned for Tokyo Station’s design, and other important cultural heritage buildings. Enjoy delicious meals in Morioka and experience the city’s unique charm from a different perspective.

How to Apply

Apply Through the reservation form below.
After confirming your participation, please deposit the application fee or travel cost within 3 days. (Reservation completed)
Confirmation of the tour operation
Payment of the remaining amount and sending the final information
Reception and departure on the day of the tour!

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